Your computer system, GenericOS, is having a few issues at the moment.
Navigate through a puzzling and oddly specific set of menu options, with the (help?) of a persona in the pop-ups that just won't let you say no.

Controls in-game, but just in case:
Use [W] and [S] to navigate the menu, and [Tab] works as both select and yes. [Y] and [N] also trigger yes and no on the pop-ups.


Apologies for the relatively broken state of the game, there's a few bugs that weren't fixed in time! Update 20/09/2019: Updated with a few assorted bugfixes. The gameplay remains the same as the original gamejam version.

Apart from that, all programming and music was made within 48 hours for the GMTK Game{Jam} 2019.


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weird but actually interesting experience, very creativ :D

Heh. That was a weird little experience. Not a bad use of my time~

Heh. Just what I was looking to create. Thanks :)
(sorry for the late reply)

No problem.