GenZ Update 0 (dc2a)

GenZ has been updated! This will be the final major update for the foreseeable future; I'll probably be taking a break for now.

The update mainly focuses on usability, and making the game more understandable to new players. This has been achieved through extending guide systems, changing the map layout, and generally making things more consistent. New content includes a small variety of new textures, updated music, and a fourth "weapon": the racquet. The game's code has been improved and optimised - hopefully this should show through in the form of better frame rate and less bugs!


+ Things stand out better.
"High Contrast" mode is ever slightly more practical. Instructions text is much more readable. Improved contrast on the outdoor tilemaps / doors. The minimap no longer renders floors indoor.
+ Things look a little better.
Changes to some tilesets, modifications to the map. Though the game's hardly an art showcase, there's at least more variety now.
+ Racquet.
A weapon that's low in damage but knocks zombies back far. Has a relevant special.
+ Reduced confusion.
Instructions text system has been updated and improved. The game's path has less branches and loops - though this may seem like a downgrade (it is), it's much clearer where to go. More pointers guide the way, if you keep them enabled.
+ Cheat mode.
+ Optimisation and maintainability improvements. Bugfixes.

No saving as of yet, unfortunately. The current system doesn't work here on itch.


Thanks to everyone who's worked on this game, and to everyone who's played it! :)

- K

US English translation, because why not

...New content includes a small variety of new textures, updated music, and a fourth "weapon": the sports racket. The game's code has been improved and optimized - hopefully this should increase the frame rate.


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Feb 08, 2020

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