Post-Jam: Complete

Controls are Offline has finally gotten a post-jam update! Multiple months after the original jam, but nonetheless, it's here. Multiple flaws in the original design were focused on: the player control (ironically) is frustrating, game feel needs polish, and the tutorial placeholder was almost deliberately unhelpful.

- Playable preliminary level introduces the first mechanics of the game! May include a (not very hidden) secret.

- It turns out - small squares that animate away when you touch them are a "cost-effective" challenge to the player.

- New set-ups innovated to ensure the solutions to each puzzle are more varied.

- From feedback: made the repeated patterns in the main level's tile-set less pronounced.

- Squash & stretch on the player, jump particles, "look-ahead" camera: very necessary platforming polish.

- Displaying the keys you've collected helps to clarify whether progress is saved, when switching to the rather abstract "Control Panel" mode.

- You now control the camera's scroll, rather than it being fixed and automatic. Though less noticeable, the issue still exists where the player does not register as grounded if they're hanging on by just a corner of the hitbox. Finally, kept the UI somewhat de-cluttered.

I hope you enjoy!

- Kevin

(very much hoping this will be a one-patch update. see you around :))

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95 days ago

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